About Us

We actually don't remember how we started this journey to reach Hobson Manor. I think it was that very first online auction for a deceased estate that we just happened upon accidentally. And we bid on and won a box full of plates and cups.

It was quite an exciting process really - winning an online auction and being in front at the end when the hammer fell. When we picked up the box and brought it home we loved unraveling the life story of the previous owner by researching all of the items inside that had origins in countries all over the world - England, Germany, Greece, Italy and so many more.

And so we realised how much we loved the whole process and wanted to ensure that these beautiful items found their next forever home where they would be appreciated, used and loved every day as their original makers intended.

So onwards to today's situation where we regularly keep an eye out for beautiful pieces of homewares that we can again pass on to their next new owners. Its a true joy to discover what we have found and how beautiful some of these pieces are.

Enjoy our little shop knowing that we have an incredibly good eye for beautiful things and you will only find the pick of the very best of what we have sourced from all over the world.

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